AVI And Property Taxes

BVTW continues to work on the property tax issue along with many other civic groups as part of the Crosstown Coalition of Taxpayers. We have compiled forms for the Homestead Exemption, the Senior Tax Freeze, and First-Level OPA appeals, as well as relevant bills being debated in City Council.

The page can be accessed via the resources menu at the top or through this link

As Councilman Squilla said at a March 7 BVTW forum on AVI, you can help by contacting other Council members, in particular the seven At-Large members, who represent us, letting them know your concerns about the process and the huge tax increases we are facing.

Right now, the deadline for filing the First-Level appeal is still March 31. The Crosstown Coalition has requested an extension, but we don’t know if it will be granted. Check back here for updates.