Building Permits
The following information appears on the City of Philadelphia’ s online Building Permit
overview, the full text of which can be found here.

A building permit is a document required by the City that grants someone permission to begin construction to enlarge, repair, change or demolish a structure or any equipment or systems that are installed in a structure.

A Building Permit is required for:

  • New construction.
  • Repairs, alterations, demolition or additions to a structure.
  • Installation of foundations for tanks and equipment.
  • Construction or demolition of ducts, sprinkler systems or standpipe system.
  • Changes in the occupancy classification see Administrative Code Section A-701.1 6.

For exceptions to permit requirements see Administrative Code Section A-301.2.1(R).

Building Permit Process
There are two processes for applying for a building permit:

  1. Those more complicated projects that require building plans to be submitted.
  2. Those more routine projects that do not require building plans to be submitted.

Building Permit Fees
Click here to get information about Building Permit fees.

Building Inspections
All building construction must be inspected by a professional from L&I. Click here to get information about the Inspections Process.

City Building Permit Forms and Applications
Click here to download building permit forms and applications.