BVNA Annual Meeting and Elections – Tuesday, May 5, 7:00 pm at Palumbo Rec Center

Special Presentation – Announcement and Description of the Palumbo Recreation Center Capital Improvement Plans

 BVNA Distinguished Community Service Award to Councilman Mark Squilla

 BVNA Board and Committee Reports

 BVNA Annual Elections

Slate for 2015 Board of Directors (uncontested):

President: Claudia Archer (term ending 5/16)

Vice President: Robin Tama (t/e 5/16)

Treasurer: Ric Hayman (t/e 5/16)

Secretary: Jon Geeting (t/e 5/17)

Director: Liana Ottaviani (t/e 5/17)

Director: Matt Skolnik (t/e 5/17)

Director: Juell Stewart (t/e 5/17)