BVNA Works with Crosstown Coalition and Gets Results

L and I Philadelphia


Philadelphia City Council President Clarke recently proposed the creation of a new Department of Planning and Development, a change that would distribute the responsibilities of the Department of Licenses and Inspections in what is characterized as a new streamlined process for development.  Such a move would also require the approval of voters in a charter change.  After just a one hour hearing where civic groups, developers, and the Crosstown Coalition, an association of civic group board members from across the city (BVNA is a member), pleaded for more time to understand the change, the resolution for the new department moved out of committee. Troubled by the lack of input and the absence of consideration of the recent report by the Mayor’s Special Independent Advisory Commission created in response to the building collapse at 22nd and Market, the Crosstown Coalition Committee on Zoning and Land Use sent a letter to Council President Clarke asking for more time for public input.  Yesterday, Clarke announced he would heed this request.

Civic groups can indeed have an impact on the city.

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