Cleanup with Ready, Willing & Able, Vanguard, and BVNA Volunteers Beautify Palumbo Rec


On Friday, September 25, a group over twenty volunteers from Ready, Willing & Able, Vanguard, and Bella Vista Neighbors Association completed a series of community service projects in and outside of Palumbo Recreation Center (10th and Fitzwater). The day’s activities included: tree tending, graffiti removal, and trash and debris removal.

They loosened up the soil in 26 tree pits, pulled the weeds from them and the surrounding sidewalk, and put a layer of mulch around the trees.  With this work done and the trash and debris removed from the sidewalks and curbs, the area around the park was much improved. They also removed excess clay soil from two tree pits and from a corner of the Rec Center.

The whole group had lunch together in the large meeting room at the Rec Center, supplied by Ready, Willing & Able.

It was a beautiful sunny Friday and work began at 9:30 am and ended at 12:30 pm. Thank you to all!