Curb Your Dog, Save a Tree!

Curb dog


Curb Your Dog, Save a Tree

Dog urine is an acid which, over time, will kill even healthy trees by burning their trunks and (literally) opening them up for pests and diseases to attack. Even if the urine doesn’t come in contact with the trunk, constant bombardment lowers the pH of the surrounding soil and burns the roots.

This damage is frequently visible in the form of fissures and bleaching at the base of tree trunks.

And if you think one little shot won’t hurt – remember that your dog is marking the tree, and every other dog will follow suit. It’s more than saplings and even many mature trees can take.

Among the trees in Bella Vista that have fallen victim to the scourge is one planted by 9th Street neighbors along the Palumbo Playground.

Trees are valuable assets in an urban environment. So do yourself and your neighbors a favor and direct your dog’s attentions elsewhere.