Have a non-emergency question that you think requires assistance from city government? Need to request city services, or obtain information about a city-sponsored event?  Then it’s time to tap into Philly311, Philadelphia’s city government’s non-emergency call center.

Download the 311 app, and report potholes, graffiti, dumping, missed trash pickup, abandoned cars — all right from the comfort of your own smartphone.  By using the app, you can easily provide supporting information such as photos, map markers, and comments directly to the city to better assist in their timely response. You can even track the progress of your request as it moves towards completion. The best part? It’s FREE!

Download the Philly 311 app today:

Dialing 311 in Philadelphia will connect you to city customer service representatives who will answer your questions and transfer your service request to the relevant city department, tracking your request until the problem is solved.

You can also connect to Philly311 by e-mail at philly311@nullphila.gov. The 311 system operates Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm. The Philly311 website is www.phila.gov/311.

You can also go in person to Philly311’s walk-in center, located at Room 167 in City Hall, during normal business hours. If you are calling from outside the city, dial (215) 686-8686 to contact Philly311.

Remember: Philly311 is for non-emergencies.


  • Any crimes in progress (or just occurred), especially if the suspect is still on the scene
  • Serious violent crimes such as homicide, robbery, domestic violence and assault
  • Fire/medical emergencies
  • Gunshots or a person with a gun or other dangerous weapon
  • Home/business intruders
  • Vehicle crashes with personal injury, major property damage or traffic tie-ups
  • Illegally parked cars that are blocking traffic
  • If you see a criminal you know is wanted by the police

DIAL 3-1-1 for EVERYTHING ELSE, including:

  • Information on city services, licenses, and programs
  • Information about court hearings and probation
  • Trash pickup information, missed trash pickup, illegal dumping
  • Report abandoned cars
  • City agency phone numbers, addresses and hours of operations
  • Requests for city services

On June 2, 2009, Philly311 500,000th call on June 2nd, five months after its launch.