The Bella Vista Neighbors Association (BVNA) Finance Committee’s job is to keep BVNA financially viable to advance the organization’s mission of crime prevention and improved quality of life for Bella Vista residents. The Finance Committee’s goal is to help support-directly and indirectly-the many valuable assets that exist within our community, in particular the police, but also the Palumbo Recreation Center, the Charles Santore Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia and the various neighborhood parks. In manner, the finance committee’s overall mission is to strengthen the necessary support system that makes Bella Vista a great place to live.

Effective and Efficient
One hundred percent (100%) of BVNA funds go directly to all our operational and capital projects. No BVNA member receives compensation. Furthermore, BVNA is tax-exempt so we do not pay sales tax, resulting in eight percent (8%) more funding going directly to the bottom-line. Also, our organization draws on the talent and interests of the membership, resulting in additional savings.

BVNA has two types of funds: Operational and Capital. BVNA’s annual operating income is generated through business sponsorships of our print newsletter “The News of Bella Vista”, our e-News, community support of the “Bella Vista Night at the Phillies” and other social fundraisers, and through neighbor donations. The BVNA Treasurer tracks, manages and reports our operational income and expenses using QuickBooks.