Help Green Bella Vista Through the Plant One Million Progam

Help Green Bella Vista!  How? Through the Plant One Million progam, run by PHS (Pennsylvania Horticultural Society)

You can get a free street tree (along with a free tree pit cut)

    1. If you are the homeowner and would like to request a free tree (and a free tree pit cut) , fill out the Homeowner Request Form, and return it by April 27 as indicated on the first page of the request.  (PLEASE read carefully and fill out the form completely))  What’s the catch, you ask?  That you agree to water and care for your new tree!

    2. If there is an empty tree pit on your block, download an application, take it to that neighbor and talk up the value of trees!

    3. If you don’t have space on the sidewalk in front of your own house for a tree, but your next-door neighbor does, follow step 2 (and offer to help water the tree)

All request forms MUST be signed by the property owner.

Deadline to submit the Homeowner Request Form is April 27 for a Fall 2016 planting by Bel Arbor Tree Tenders.

Contact with questions.