Help Your Local School with Your Recyclebank Points

Nebinger Garden

George W.  Nebinger School has been approved for the third year in the Recyclingbank’s grant program!  This year’s grant is for a drip watering system for the vegetable garden.  This system will help the students during the school year and during the summer  to spend more time tending to the garden and harvesting rather than watering.  The students will help in the installation and create watering schedules for the system.   The Nebinger community would appreciate your help.  All you need to do is sign up…see below.

To sign up:

  • Go to
  • Sign in or
  • Register and start accumulating points.
  • You can register and sign in with your email and password or through Facebook

Once you’re signed up, at the top of the website  there is a search line. Enter George W. Nebinger.

Go to Nebinger and donate your points.

It’s that easy!