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There are many ways Bella Vista neighbors can support the necessary work of the BVNA Public Safety Committee.



The first and best way is to do your part to be the eyes and ears; call 911 if you witness suspicious activity or crime in progress. The 911 system is the first and primary means of requesting police service. 

You may also report additional information about a crime or suspicious activity in the neighborhood via the tip line.

  To help provide a sufficiently detailed and actionable description, we have provided this Identification Tool. We suggest you review the tool and download it to keep it handy when calling 911. 


  If you have a person who lives with you and has a disability which may make it difficult for them to communicate with 911, or if you have such a disability, please fill out the attached form and return it to our local police district and email it to the Philadelphia Police Radio Room, so dispatch can become aware of that context. ADA Form 


Attend the monthly PSA1 meetings, form a relationship with the commanding officers, learn about local crime patterns, discuss steps you can take, share concerns, and hear about special events and initiatives.  These meetings bring neighbors and other stakeholders together with police officials in order to discuss and attempt to resolve crime and public safety issues in our neighborhood. PSA meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Santore Public Library, 7th and Carpenter St, and are open to the public. 

Ensure your porch lights are in working order, and leave them on for the benefit of yourself and your neighbors.  Energy costs can be reduced by putting lights on a timer, motion sensor, or purchasing “dusk-to-dawn” LEDs.


Please secure belongings in yards, do not keep valuables in plain sight in vehicles, and be sure to lock all doors and windows.  Remove the opportunity and reduce the reward for crime to be committed.


If you have installed a security camera, please take a moment to register it with the city and join the SafeCam network.   Knowing you have a working camera at your address, allows officers to make a request to obtain footage in the event of a nearby crime.  Your camera footage could be instrumental in solving a recent crime or, with your permission, allow for real-time monitoring of events in progress.  Your privacy can be protected.    Own a commercial building or operate a business?  Obtain assistance with up to 50% of the cost the purchase and installation of surveillance cameras, through the Business Security Camera Program.


If you have a burglar alarm, please complete the annual registration with the city.

If you are a victim of graffiti or see graffiti in the neighborhood, take a moment to report it promptly to 311, or via the following link.  The city will send out CLIP to remove it.   Prompt reporting discourages future graffiti incidents. 


If you keep a bicycle outdoors, join this Facebook stolen bikes community to learn the best practices for securing it, and help participate in the recovery of stolen bicycles.

Help prevent package theft.  Have packages delivered to a local access point via the UPS MyChoice network (for all UPS packages), Amazon locker (for Amazon purchases), or a local mailbox place like Society Hill Mail (614 S 8th St) or Fishbox (737 Bainbridge St) for all package times.  You may also request ship-to-store with in-store-pick-up option, or make arrangements with neighbors or your place of employment, if possible.

Register your personal property to facilitate identification and recovery.  Securely store serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts to easily identify your valuables in the event of theft or loss.


The mission of Bella Vista Neighbors Association and its Public Safety Committee is to keep our neighborhood a safe place to live.

Public Safety Committee volunteers work to address the problem of neighborhood crime in many ways, including:

  • Maintain communication with police officials in the 3rd District Police headquarters (at 11th and Wharton Streets) and South Street Police Mini Station (905 South Street) via the PDAC, the Friends of the Mini Station, and by hosting the Police Service Area (PSA) 1 regular meetings.
  • Distribute crime states and crime prevention information to neighbors, via the BVNA website and provide information on what citizens can do to reduce the opportunities for crime in our neighborhood.
  • Attend community/police partnership meetings, including the 3rd District Police Captain’s Town Hall Meetings, Police District Advisory Council (PDAC), and Friends of the South Street Mini-Station.
  • Host crime prevention and first aid training.
  • Participate in community days, national night out, and other special events with police like movie nights, bike rides, and senior bingo.
  • Provide information and assistance where needed to access police, public safety and victim assistance resources in our area.
  • Provide periodic updates on crime prevention strategies to help keep our neighborhood safe.
  • Actively participate in working groups (often involving police, city officials, elected leaders, neighbors and/or other civic associations) to address specific issues or crime cases.
  • Produce crime prevention materials for distribution at special community events, monthly meetings, and

BVNA believes a neighborhood’s perceived vulnerability to crime is often tied to quality of life issues, so BVNA Public Safety Committee works in tandem with BVNA’s Beautification and Zoning Committees to make our neighborhood a great place to live.

BVNA and its Public Safety Committee believe that neighbors must be proactive to reduce crime and improve our quality of life in Bella Vista. Any level of volunteer involvement is welcome and will make a difference.

For more information or to volunteer, email the Public Safety Committee at


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