For Emergencies:
Always call 911 to report crimes in progress, assist crime victims, or report suspicious activities. Give the police dispatcher answering the 911 calls as much detailed information as you can.

For non-emergencies:
Philadelphia residents have one primary way to file complaint forms about criminal or suspicious activities through PPD Forms:

Submit a Tip
Use this electronic form to submit information regarding suspicious, nuisance and criminal activity to the Philadelphia Police Department. You may submit a tip anonymously. Similar to the old Roll Call Complaints, submitting a tip provides a means neighbors to inform patrol officers of chronic neighborhood problems or conditions that are not of an emergency nature to report groups of disorderly teens that routinely congregate on local street corners, for example. To use this tool visit Philadelphia Police Department’s online line form at Submit a Tip or contact the 3rd Police District direct at (215) 686-3030 or

Be Prepared
Click here to download and print out the suspect ID sheet — a tool which facilitates collecting all the commonly needed information in order to provide the police an accurate, complete, and actionable description of any individual or vehicle. Be the eyes and ears — see something, say something.

Other Police Forms

Also for non-emergencies:
Email crime or suspicious activity tips to our local police commander. Bella Vista neighbors can email crime tips directly and anonymously to the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Police District at With these email tips, police want neighborhood residents and business owners to send them detailed facts about what they observe not  feelings or suspicions. The police captain will review tips sent via email and, if warranted, have 3rd district officers gather their own information to establish probably cause needed to make an arrest or file a criminal complaint. The police will not give neighbors information about ongoing investigations, but will notify them of any resulting arrests and crime patterns.