Bella Vista Sidewalk & Curb Sweeping
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Current Program Status: Active
Restart date: April 12, 2019
Frequency: Every other Friday
Funding Need for 2019: $30,000

In 2018, BVNA launched a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of paid sidewalk and curb sweeping in our neighborhood.   

 Clean streets are healthy streets — they attract visitors and customers; reduce crime, disease, and stress; improve respiratory health; unclog our storm drains; and restore a sense of neighborhood pride.  

We value the existing efforts by many neighbors to sweep up the sidewalk in front of homes and businesses, and even pitching in to clean up surrounding blocks. Unfortunately, it was not enough – as was readily seen on a walk through the neighborhood.  For a variety of reasons, the volume of litter on many blocks simply outpaced the volunteer capacity.

BVNA regularly heard from residents that litter is their primary quality of life concern.

In response, BVNA has partnered with ACAM — a service already used in nearby Queen Village and South Street Headhouse District — to sweep the curbs and sidewalks of our numbered streets (6th-11th and Passyunk), and cross streets (Bainbridge, Fitzwater, Catharine, Christian, Carpenter, and the north side of Washington Ave) within our borders.  The two blocks of S 9th containing curb stands, Washington to Christian, are excluded, as the area is overseen by the 9th Street United Merchants Association and have unique logistical needs.

BVNA Sweeping Map

2018 was our inaugural year.  With your help, were able to reach our goal of $25,000, which allowed us to sweep every other week, from April to December 2018.   Workers swept up and removed 849 bags, or 10.61 tons worth of litter from our neighborhood.

The program was paused during the winter, while we worked to re-establish the necessary reserves to re-launched the program and perform this service again in 2019.   Currently, we are sweeping every other week, and anticipate being able to do so from March through November.    If we are able to hit our goal of $30,000 for the year — we will be able to sweep weekly.  We hope you can partner with us in making that a reality.  With your support, we will be able to resume and maintain this program.

Thanks to all of our prior donors!


2019 Goal
Raised: 9%

Thank you to all of our supporters of the 2018 inaugural year!

Fonder – $1,000+

Law Office of Alfonso Madrid

Attilio Esposito, Inc.

James Duncklee

Saint Marons CDC

Partner – $500+

Di Bruno Brothers

Jon Whitbeck

Kenneth G. Schaefer

Louise and David Strawbridge

Hon. Mark Squilla

The Good King LLC

Sustainer – $250+

David Yang
Gary Dion
Joseph D Alkus and Andrew C Price
Joshua Lehrer
Ryan Leonard
Glenn Sykes
American Endowment Foundation
Anthony Keating
Bradford Crowley
Brian Majewski
Martin Angert
Michelle Deutsch
Petro’s Bread Distributors, Inc.
Ralph Riedel
Stuart Jones

Supporter – $100+

Matthew Solomon, Ernesto Atrisco, Fante’s, Michael Carone, Rob DiGiacomo, Ashley Slagle, Brian Holtz, Dirk L Allen, Elaine Ulmer, Greg Pastore, Joan Doyle, Lara Rhame, Meredith Waldman, Montrose Inc. T/A Villa Di Roma Restaurant, Sheehan Kovall, Kimberly Hall, Talmage Brennan, aimee miller, Alison Perelman, Dan Rosin, JoAnn Greco, Lydia Hunn, Mark Kasten, Michael Weiss, Rhea Powell, Core Impact Coaching, Eugene Desyatnik, Lawrence Lindsay & Carla Puppin, Yael Levin,, Sew Philly, Ashley Hahn, Bonny Hohenberger, Bruce Schwartz, Cappuccios Meats LLC, Carla Puppin, Crystal Gurin, David Lewis, Dr. Laurie Bernstein & Dr. Robert Weinberg, Elizabeth Friedlander, Errol Saunders, Fante’s, Jamie Udinson, Jane Barry, Jason Wiley, Jennifer Honovic, Jennifer S and Carl G Tobiasen, Joan Burnes, Joseph Celentano, Joseph Distanislao, Justin Chak, Karen Fegely, Katherine Madonna, Katie Peysakhov, Kristin McQuillen, LauraLynne Burtner, Leah Greenberg, Lisa French, Manfred Weis, Mark Caruso, Melissa Rubin, Miiram Indenbaum, Nathaniel Popkin, Nella Genovese, Nicole Blicher, Peter Daniel, Randi Kamine, Rebecca Mazar, Steven L Pessagno, Carole R Pessagno, Steven Seminelli, Sweet Memories Chocolate, Tara Scarangelli, Thomas Ferrick, Thomas Park & Amy Hwang, Charles Moleski, Claudia Archer, Amy Granger, Lyle Hall, Risa Zeller, Derek Conover, John Suvannavejh, Kerry Milch, Marya Kaye, Laura D’Allesandro, Brandy Bones, Joshua Shindell, Megan LeCluyse, Minne Iwamoto, Alisa Snyder, Allison Hindman-Harvey, Amanda Walling, Andrew Straitman, Anna Rabinowitz, Anthony Yandura, Ashley Kerns, AWCassel, Barbara Anne Laboski, Barbara Hauck-Mah, Blake Lehmann, Charles Treatman, Christina Fuoco, Christopher King, David Oxman, David van Balen, Dianna Richter, Dolores Poacelli, Eileen M O’Shaugnessy, Eileen Wolfberg, Elisa Wiygul, Elizabeth Hessek, Emad Hasan, epiphany deluca, Eric Hogg, Erik Siara, Francis J. Guarnaccia, Henry Hund, James Kowalski, James M. Dickinson, Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Jeanine Caplan, Jeffrey Barg, Jeffrey Jones, Jennifer Corry, Jillian Schroeder, Joe Gromelski, John Watson, Jordan Strauss, Judy Wiley, Julie Mozes, Keith Fatula, Kelly O’Connor, Kimberly Blessing, Kriste Lindenmeyer, Laura Regnier, Leah Knight, Lori Stelma, Manuel Granados, Margot Elton, Mariel Freeman, Marisa Ciarrocki, Martha Freeman, Martha Rich Art, Mary Maria, Megan Martin, Melanie Olshefski, Michael Burke, Michael Callaghan, Michael Norris, Mira Gohel, Nathan Denver, Neely Tang, Peter Allen, Piotr Szajowski, R. L. Behr, Rachel Mann, Renee Santini, Robert G. & Beverly A. Brown, Roberta Camp, Roberta Vena, Robin Tama, Ronald Sullivan, Samuel Smith, Scott Loughery, Stephanie E. Grupe & , Douglas W. Grupe, Stephen Wagner, Tamara Friedlander, Terrence J. Pedrotty, Tori Foster, Vatsala Vivekananthan, William McGeehan, Zachary Lesser, Carol Haufler, Jacob Adelman, Marci Green, Matthew Skolnik, Kathleen Miller, melissa pelascini, andrea fein, Andrew Wierzbieniec, Caitlin Brennan, Edna Jane Spencer, gloria gilman, Joann Loviglio, Karen Hartnett, Mark &,  Linda W. Balawejder, Martha W Henderson, Rita Weil, Samantha Giuliano, Suzanne Schecter, Gerald Cross, Katelyn McGrath, Michael Moore, Nathan Lauer, Nicole Michaud, reiko drakecortes, Mark and Danya Henninger, Michael Dalton, S Hsu, Steven Pogrebivsky, William Knapp, Rita C Viola.