Wishing for a cleaner, healthier neighborhood in 2018? 

So are your neighbors!
Together, we can make it a reality.

Dear Neighbor,

As 2017 comes to a close, we are looking forward to a cleaner, healthier neighborhood in 2018. As you may have heard, your neighbors association has embarked on a campaign to provide twice-weekly sidewalk and curb cleaning on major streets. The work will be done by Ready, Willing and Able, a community-based nonprofit that helps people in transition.

Thanks to generous donations, BVNA has raised about a third of the $25,000 needed for a year’s worth of services.

But we still need help to reach our goal.

To those who already have donated: If you could tell your friends and neighbors how important clean sidewalks and streets are to you – and encourage them to donate — it would go a long way toward helping BVNA achieve the goal we share.

To those who haven’t yet donated: We hope you will consider supporting this effort as you make decisions about end-of-the-year giving. You may make your donation online by going here. It only takes a couple of minutes! Or write a check and mail it to us at BVNA, PO Box 63955, Philadelphia PA 19147.

Happy Holidays and Here’s to Cleaner Streets in 2018!

Your friends at BVNA,
the Bella Vista Neighbors Association