Zoning and Liquor Meeting – Tuesday, May 12, 2015, 7:30pm

Tuesday, May 12, 2015, 7:30pm
Palumbo Recreation Center (10th & Fitzwater)
901‐03 S 10th Street ‐ Santucci’s Restaurant

Request: The partial demolition of the existing structure (1 story portion of structure and pilothouse) and for the erection of a 4 story addition with 4th floor access to a rooftop deck (no pilothouse, roof deck accessory to residential use). Structure for use as a sit down restaurant (to extend previously approved sit down restaurant into 1st floor of addition) and multi‐family household living (four dwelling units).

Use Refusals (50% RSA‐5, 50% CMX‐1):

1. The proposed addition is an extension of a use (sit‐down restaurant) granted by prior
variance from the ZBA. Proposal is not consistent with the provisos of the variance.
2. The proposed use, multi‐family household living (4 dwellings) is expressly prohibited
in both the RSA‐5 and CMX‐1 zoning districts.

Zoning Refusals (50% RSA‐5, 50% CMX‐1):
1. Open area required is 30% (714 sq ft); proposed 0%. 2. Height allowable is 38 ft; proposed 44 ft.
607‐609 Queen Street and 611‐615 Queen Street
Request: Lot adjustment to create three (3) lots (parcels A, B and C) from two (2) lots (607‐09 Queen and 611‐615 Queen) and from one (1) deeded lot as follows:
Parcel A: for the erection of a 4 story dwelling (40’6” high), rear deck at second floor, front deck at second floor, covered deck at 3rd floor front, additional roof deck and pilot house (for roof deck access only) at the 5th floor level, and for an 11’ high masonry wall at the front property line on Queen Street to access a driveway for an accessory (2) car interior parking garage.
Parcel B and C: For the erection of a 4 story attached dwelling (40’6” high), rear deck at 2nd floor, front deck at 4th floor, rear deck at 4th floor, roof deck at 5th floor level and pilothouse (for roof deck access only), and with a (1) car accessory interior parking garage accessed from Queen St.

Use Refusals (RM‐1 Zoning District): The proposed off‐street parking for a single‐family use not provided by a shared driveway or rear alley is prohibited in this residential parking control area.

Zoning Refusals:
1. Parcel A ‐ Height of wall at front. Required 6 ft; Proposed 11 ft.
2. Parcel A ‐ Front yard setback. Required 0 ft; Proposed 14’1”.
3. Parcel A, B and C ‐ Height of structure. Allowable 38 ft; Proposed 40’6”.
4. Parcel C ‐ Lot Area. Required 1,440 sq ft; Proposed 1,272 sq ft.
5. Parcel C ‐ Open Area. Required 30% (381.6 sq ft); Proposed 28.2% (358.3 sq ft)

This document constitutes public notice per City Planning Commission Regulations 12.4.4 of the new zoning code.

Other Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) which share jurisdiction for these zoning cases are hereby shown:

735‐737 Pemberton Street (3rd meeting ‐ Revised Application)

Request: Application for the complete demolition of existing structures on both lots, for the relocation of lot lines to create one lot from 2 deeded lots, for the erection of an attached structure (maximum 38’ high), deck at 2nd floor rear; covered deck at fourth floor front, roof deck at the fifth floor level with a pilothouse for roof deck access only. Zoning Refusals (RSA‐5 Zoning District): Rear yard depth required 5 ft below first 12 feet of building and 9 ft above. Proposed 0 ft.

711‐715 Bainbridge Street

Request: Currently a surface parking lot: Application for relocation of lot lines to create one (1) lot from six (6) deeded lots; for the erection of four attached dwellings with four rooftop decks on structure A (along South 7th st); for the erection of two attached dwellings with two roof decks each on structure B (Bainbridge St through to Kater St), and with accessory interior open courtyard parking for six (6) vehicles including one HCAP accessible space, for use as 6 dwelling units total (max height 38’).

Use Refusals (CMX‐2 Zoning District):

1. An attached building in a CMX‐2 district must contain a non‐residential use along
100% of the ground floor.
2. Accessory parking for any single, two or multi‐family dwelling use in an attached
building in CMX‐2 shall be prohibited unless it can be accessed from a shared
driveway, alley or rear street.

Zoning Refusal: Minimum rear yard depth (10% lot depth) required 12.8 ft; proposed 0 ft.

941 South 8th Street

Request: Application is for a sit down restaurant on the first floor with one single‐family dwelling above in an existing structure.

Use Refusal (CMX‐1 B/W RM‐1 Zoning District):
The proposed use, a sit down restaurant, is prohibited in this zoning district.