Zoning Meeting (5/14/2013)

755 S. 8th Street
Request: Application for a three family dwelling in an existing structure.

763 Warnock Street
Request: Application for removal of second floor deck. TO be replaced with a third floor addition as part of a single family dwelling.

716 S. Schell Street
Request: Application for non-accessory parking space in an RSA-5 district.

713-715 Mildred / 712-714 S. 8th Street
Request: Application for the erection of an attached structure seventy (70’) in height for use as a multi-family household living for ten dwelling units on floors 2-6 with two accessory, off-street parking spaces at the first floor level on an existing lot.

aka: (Former 7-UP Bottling Plant) 809-11 Carpenter St., 813-819 Carpenter St,, 810-812 Carpenter St., 819-820 Montrose Street and 930-940 S 8th St.

Request: Proposal for complete demolition of existing structures & for the erection of 24 three story townhouses with pilot houses & roof decks. Associated separate dedicated parking spaces to be contained on site.

Place: Palumbo Recreation Center (10th & Fitzwater)
Date: TUESDAY, May 14, 2013
Time: 7:30pm