Zoning Meeting (6/11/2013)

810 Montrose Street through to Carpenter (7-up Plant)
Request: Application for the relocation of lot lines to create one lot from fourteen lots (809 Carpenter St, 811 Carpenter St, 813 Carpenter St, 815 Carpenter St, 817-19 Carpenter St, 940 S 8th St, 938 S 8th St, 932, 934 and 936 S 8th St, 930 S 8th St, 928 S 8th St, 812 Montrose St, 818 Montrose St, 820 Montrose St), for the erection of six attached structures with cellar, roof deck, and pen house (not to exceed 38’) for use as twenty-five dwelling units, for the erection of three feet and five feet high fences on reaer, for the creation of twenty-five off-street parking spaces including one handicapped space.

Site plan (subject to change, official plan will be presented at meeting)
810 Montrose Zoning Refusal

Place: Palumbo Recreation Center (10th & Fitzwater)
Date: TUESDAY, June 11, 2013
Time: 7:30pm