Zoning Meeting – January 14, 2014

ZONING MEETING – January 14, 2014

Where: Palumbo Rec, 10th and Fitzwater

When: 7:30 pm



Request: The application is for the construction of a new 4-story single family home with an off street parking garage and roof top deck accessed by a pilot house stair tower. The proposed height of the structure to roof is to be 39’-4”, and 56’ to top of pilot house. Proposed open area 15%. Proposed yard depth: 6’ deep.

Refused for the following:

  • 38’ height allowable to top of roof; 39’4” proposed
  • 30% or 228 square feet of open area required above 12’ of height; 15% proposed or 114 square feet.
  • 9’ rear yard depth required above first 12’ of height; proposed 6’
  • 8’ front set back required above the third story; no set back proposed.
  • Off street parking is prohibited in this residential parking control area.



Request: This application is for the modification of a preexisting non-conforming structure; to include the partial demolition of a roof deck and the construction of a courtyard & 3rd floor addition.

Refused for the following:

  • Maximum occupied area required is 2,447SF; 2,775SF proposed.
  • Although there is no change to the existing lot coverage, because the application would require a modification to a non-conforming property with a prior variance, the Zoning Board of Adjustment must review such an application.